Virtual Consumer Seminar

After a few months of working in the virtual environment and many conversations with our peers and distribution partners, we decided that offering an online consumer seminar might be a good idea.

Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. (eastern), our virtual consumer seminar “The Great Retirement Income Gap” is broadcast. The objective for our broadcast is to help educate, inform, and inspire your clients to take the next step and have a planning conversation with YOU!

We make these promises to you:

  1. this virtual consumer seminar will be about 30 minutes in length,
  2. all attendees will be required to register and indicate who invited them,
  3. we will not contact any of the attendees, and
  4. we will share with you which of your clients attended.

Here is a little taste of what the “Great Retirement Income Gap” virtual consumer seminar looks like. (click to play)

LTC Coffee Break is for financial professionals only.  Asset-based LTC, selling strategies and marketing tools using the OneAmerica Care Solutions portfolio with your clients along with other non-consumer information will be discussed

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